1st Annual Teacher Development Symposium and teachers

The 1st Annual Teacher Development Symposium took place in Athens this morning and  it was outstanding !

On my way to the book exhibition I heard some ”teachers”  making comments on Marisa’s presentation saying that all ”that” was nice and interesting but cannot be put into practice in an EFL classroom….

It was then that I realised how many ”EFL teachers” have never attended a development course, have never studied anything else apart from the Coursebooks they teach.

Having myself attended a TEFL course at CELT Athens and having Marisa as a tutor I can assure you that teaching creatively is a realistic option and essential in an EFL classroom in 2011.

Teaching creatively and effectively is hard work ,having a coursebook as a ”Teaching Bible” won’t take you anywhere and as George Vassilakis mentioned there are two categories of educators, each one of us can choose which category to belong to: Developing or Static?

Static is not a choice.